Our approach is unique because we combine Project, Process and Change Management best practices to deliver solutions that yield long term business value.

StrategicFront is a global consulting firm with offices in Toronto and New York. We have worked with clients across Canada, the United States and Europe. 

Founded in 2006 in Toronto, we focus on helping clients achieve their business goals through Advisory and Learning services. We are a boutique firm that partners closely with clients to understand their specific business and learning objectives.

Clients choose us because they know we offer the knowledge and experience they need to move forward with confidence. 

We partner with clients to meet their toughest challenges and help them seize their biggest opportunities.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our mission rooted in a simple phrase - Helping Clients Succeed - lives at the core of StrategicFront.

Through Advisory & Learning services we help clients accomplish their business and learning goals. 

We offer clients value through our unique integrated approach to Project, Process and Change Management that streamlines resources, saves time and delivers results faster.  

 Putting clients first is ultimately what guides our thinking and decision making and we pride ourselves on these fundamental values.


Odoo CMS - a big picture

What determines your success?

Do you recognize the intended benefits of your PROJECT?

Does your business PROCESS evolve with project priorities?

Are your people aligned with major CHANGE initiatives?